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Dark Decor

High-End Gothic Statues

Do you need unique decor for your home? We have it! Not only do we sell Halloween props and alien props, we also carry high-end, high-quality gothic statues. These are perfect to decorate your home at Halloween and all year. Impress friends with your dark decor.

Because of the weight of many statues, all high-end statues cost $13 for shipping and handling unless noted. You will not be dissapointed.

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Information About Cold Cast Bronze
Items categorized as bronze are actually pieces crafted using an originally British technique where bronze powder is combined with cold cast resin. This mixture produces easy-to-handle figurines with the delicate and beautiful look of actual antique museum pieces. All of our items in full color finish, or that have color accent finishes are hand-painted.

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Archangel Gabriel
Archangel St. Michael
Blue Mini Skull (Set of 6)
Celtic Griffin
Demon on the Box
Dragon: Large Five-Headed Dragon
Dragon: Necromancer Dragon
Dragon: Three-Headed Dragon on Celtic Cross
Egyptian Anubis Statue
Egyptian Cobra Candleholder
Egyptian Horus
Egyptian Isis Treasure Box
Egyptian Isis with Outstretched Wings
Egyptian Khnum
Egyptian Sekhment Lioness Statue
Egyptian Seth
Egyptian Thoth Candle Holder
Fairy with Butterfly on Foot
Gargoyle Jewelry Box
Gargoyle Rock Treasure Box
Gargoyle Treasure Box
Grim Reaper in Flames
Hercules with Skin of Nemean Lion
La Peri, Musician of the Gods
Large Gargoyle
Lithely Dancing Fairy
Mermaid Blowing Conch
Mermaid Holding Pearl
Mermaid on Sea Turtle
Owl on Book
Owl: Eagle Owl
Pan and Daphnis
Pan of Ancient Greece Statue
Pegasus Statue
Skull: Clear Skull
Skull: Dragon Skull
Skull: Dragon Skull (Large)
Skull: Pentagram Skull
Smiling Gargoyle - FREE Shipping

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