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Impress Your Haunt Patrons
We will definitely be ordering more stuff through your website because of the excellent customer service.
Michelle K.

Halloween Animatronics

Do you have a haunted house and need Halloween animatronics to impress your patrons? Do you have a home haunt and want to amaze neighbors with your professional haunted house props? We understand what you need. Halloween Hill provides a variety of Halloween animatronics, ranging from affordable ones for home haunts to high-end animated Halloween props custom made for professional haunted houses.

We also carry large smaller Halloween props and Halloween decorations. See other pages of Halloween Hill for static Halloween props and home décor.

Shop today and save today at Halloween Hill. Click photos for more information on props.

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(Animated Prop)  Demented - NEW(Animated Prop) Demented - NEW
(Animated Prop) Alien Ambush—Free Shipping(Animated Prop) Alien Ambush—Free Shipping
(Animated Prop) Alien Invader—Free Shipping(Animated Prop) Alien Invader—Free Shipping
(Animated Prop) BoBo, Grumpy Gargoyle's Friend(Animated Prop) BoBo, Grumpy Gargoyle's Friend
(Animated Prop) Bones(Animated Prop) Bones
(Animated Prop) Buzz(Animated Prop) Buzz
(Animated Prop) Creepy Cathy(Animated Prop) Creepy Cathy
(Animated Prop) Die Zombie Die - NEW(Animated Prop) Die Zombie Die - NEWThis zombie haunt prop twitches and moans in pain but just won't die. It is a foam-filled body with metal armature and heavy duty motor. All electric. Soundtrack CD is included. You provide CD player.  
(Animated Prop) Dumpster Diver -- Free Shipping(Animated Prop) Dumpster Diver -- Free Shipping
(Animated Prop) Evil Tree(Animated Prop) Evil Tree
(Animated Prop) Ghost Girl - Free Shipping(Animated Prop) Ghost Girl - Free Shipping
(Animated Prop) Giggles - Free Shipping(Animated Prop) Giggles - Free Shipping
(Animated Prop) Grandpa(Animated Prop) Grandpa
(Animated Prop) Grumpy Gargoyle(Animated Prop) Grumpy Gargoyle
(Animated Prop) Mondo(Animated Prop) Mondo
(Animated Prop) Rat Trap - Free Shipping(Animated Prop) Rat Trap - Free Shipping
(Animated Prop) Reanimator(Animated Prop) Reanimator
(Animated Prop) Spitting Debby - Free Shipping(Animated Prop) Spitting Debby - Free Shipping
(Animated Prop) Spitting Debby Optional Motion Detector - Free Shipping(Animated Prop) Spitting Debby Optional Motion Detector - Free Shipping
(Animated Prop) Twisted(Animated Prop) Twisted
(Animated Prop) Twitch(Animated Prop) Twitch
(Animated Prop) UFO Spaceship(Animated Prop) UFO Spaceship
(animated) Deadly Doll - shipping included(animated) Deadly Doll - shipping included
(Animated) Death Rising - Shipping Included(Animated) Death Rising - Shipping Included
(animated) Heartless(animated) Heartless
(Animated) Killing Klown(Animated) Killing Klown
(animated) Laughing Man - shipping included(animated) Laughing Man - shipping included
(Animated) Wretched(Animated) Wretched
(Animatronic) Attack Dog(Animatronic) Attack Dog
(Animatronic) Bloodbath(Animatronic) Bloodbath
(Animatronic) Body Bag Thrasher(Animatronic) Body Bag Thrasher
(Animatronic) Gator Chomp Head(Animatronic) Gator Chomp Head
(Animatronic) Grandma - Free Shipping!(Animatronic) Grandma - Free Shipping!
(Animatronic) Jolt(Animatronic) Jolt
(Animatronic) Lab Assistant(Animatronic) Lab Assistant
(Animatronic) Lean 'n' Mean Clown(Animatronic) Lean 'n' Mean Clown
(Animatronic) Psycho Sam(Animatronic) Psycho Sam
(Animatronic) Purple People Eater(Animatronic) Purple People Eater
(Animatronic) Rat(Animatronic) Rat
(Animatronic) Toe Tag Terror(Animatronic) Toe Tag Terror
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